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Solar Panel Installer Melbourne

Solectrics was registered in 1994, long before most of the new companies who call themselves the “specialists” in the industry had ever heard about solar – let alone know what it is.I operate my own business with a team of four members who do everything from consulting, designing,quoting and installing, as well as follow up as needed. We will provide you with unbiased advice. Good quality installs with high attention to detail are on our list of priorities.We are veterans of about 500 installs throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area In contrast to others, we don’t promise to knock out your electricity bills; we install what is suitable to your property and your budget. I am a qualified electrician and registered electrical contractor and I have been involved in renewable energy since 1975. I completed the “Advanced Certificate in Renewable Energy Technology” in 1995.Call or contact today for a quote

Solectrics! Solar Panel Installation

    • Established installer working in Melbourne with more than 500 Solar Panel Installations since 2007
    • Long term interest and involvement in alternative energy technology
    • Completed Advanced Certificate in Renewable Technology in 1995
    • Registered Electrical Contractor in Australia for 25 years and in Germany for 5 years before that
    • Cut out the middle man – I assess, advise, quote and install your system
    • I run my own business as an electrical contractor and solar panel installer – deal with me directly and get consistent information
    • Don’t fall for the high-pressure sales tactics employed by big mobs.

Why Choose Us ?

    • Get an informed assessment of your property, both its limitations and advantages for solar power.
    • Get advice on the best value for money system that suits your property
    • Competitive on price, but the cheapest may not be the best for your situation
    • Don’t deal with ‘fly-by-nighters’, but with somebody who has in the industry since its early days


While Google Earth gives everybody the possibility to look at (and to a degree), measure your roof, we think that this is not sufficient information to decide on your solar system. We will come and inspect your roof and house and make a thorough assessment as to what is the best system to suit your particular circumstances (shading, roof pitch, chimneys and other obstacles, precise measurements, cable runs, antennas, switchboards, inverter location etc).This inspection is absolutely free of charge and comes with no obligations.

Why Install a Solar System ?

    • Financial advantages: while the financial benefit of a solar system has been reduced over the last few years, there are still substantial savings made by installing the solar system. It is difficult to predict how big your savings will be, because that depends very much on the time of the day when you use electricity. Depending on the time of day you use electricity, you’re payback period ranges between 3 and 10 years. While this might seem a long time, it still means the rate of return on your investment is more than 10 % per year. Compare that to any rate of return of you receive from bank or share market.
    • Environmental benefits: Even if Abbott subscribed to “Flat Earth Society” and tries to tell you that coal is good for you, all scientific evidence clearly points to a worsening state of health of our planet due to human activity. Carbon emissions from coal burning electricity generators are responsible for a substantial part of that. Therefore it is absolutely important to change electricity generation to a renewable base. Here is your unique opportunity to be part of this change.

Why Do it Now ?

  • STC prices are at an all time high, meaning that in actual dollar terms you get more rebate from the government for your system.
  • RECs prices have climbed out of the cellar again.
  • It is officially stated government policy to bring the Aussie dollar further down, resulting in price increases.

What size system do I need ?

There is no fixed rule for that, but here are a few interesting cornerstone points to remember:

    • Financially, at the moment a 1 or 1.5 kW system is the most affordable, but it is obviously limited in the output that it will produce
    • A good point to aim for, is a system that produces as much power as you use in the house
    • The bigger your system is, the more expensive the system will be but also the bigger the savings can be.
    • The smaller your system is, the more likely it is that you consume all or most of the power yourself, therefor your payback period is likely to be shorter

An individual assessment of your aims and the investment you are able to make is critical.

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